During a Group Introduction to Sound Healing, I am guided by the participants in what I choose to include: the session will involve participation in making vocal sounds together, listening to specific sounds and talking about their effects, and finishing with deep relaxation while experiencing instrumental sounds…(like a mini-Sound Bath.)

Everything in the Universe vibrates at its own individual frequency, including the human body. If part of our body is unwell or we have a ‘dis-ease’, then the whole body feels unbalanced. We can bring ourselves into alignment by using sympathetic vibrations and resonance. Every cell in our body, not just our hearing, enjoys and responds well to sound.
Sound travels at great speed in water and we are made up of about seventy per cent water, so the sounds reach and re-align our internal organs.

For Groups, I may play specialist healing instruments, including Himalayan Bowls, Sounding Bowls, Koshi Chimes and Shamanic Drum and Rattle. These are all vehicles that transmit strong intention via sound.