If you cannot visit my Yurt in Cornwall, we can connect via Distant Healing. This is a very intense experience in which I hold the Energy field of my client in my mind’s eye, and within the boundaries and rituals of the session, use strong Intention to open a healing channel that transcends physical distance, between myself and that client.

 To clarify, this is not remote healing using Zoom or Facebook.
I will connect with you initially by phone, then you lie down comfortably to rest, and I go to the Yurt to conduct the Healing. Feedback can be by e mail, or at the next appointment.  

“Teresa has a gift of healing. I have a session at the end of a working week. I can never get over the difference in how I feel before and after.  I feel a calming, warm and positive energy flow through my body….like a warm hug, and am left feeling totally relaxed and peaceful.”