“The distant healing with Teresa has been a real treat. Obviously, the past few months haven’t been easy for any of us, lockdown clarified how important self-care is for me personally, Distant Sound Healing with Teresa was a big part of that. Taking time to step back from the daily business of juggling work & family life, to choose to relax and take space for myself has really helped me cope during lockdown. I have easily slipped into a restful night’s sleep after the healing and found the catchups over the phone before each session with Teresa both enlightening and encouraging, she has a very calm and thoughtful presence, even via distant healing. Highly recommend this to anyone that’s interested in exploring a deeper connection to their wellbeing and self.”
“I have found the Healing to be very beneficial in reducing stress over the last few months. I have felt a deep sense of relaxation during and post remote healing sessions. The whole experience has felt very replenishing. Thank you so much for offering this service to me during lockdown and during a time of personal turmoil.”

“Going into the session and talking to her on the phone before it began I was met with such a lovely warmth that allowed issues and points of concern to rise to the surface which I wasn’t even aware of.
Receiving the healing was magnificent – truly. I instantly went into a deep meditative state which was perfect for me as I think like us all I’m feeling the fatigue of the many pressures and concerns of being here on Earth at this time.
Many things have moved around the area in my life that the session focussed on and in a way that I was able to integrate peacefully within my own psyche and energy but also, and most importantly, I was then able to communicate and demonstrate my boundaries in a peaceful and sovereign manner,
I am incredibly grateful for the experience and also for Teresa and the way she is being of service at this time, selfless, compassionate and respectful are the words that come to mind.
Please don’t hesitate to have a distant session as it will really help you feel supported and nourished in your life and on your souls journey.”