A Fine Art graduate of Falmouth University and Member of the UK College of Sound Healing, Teresa creates a timeless zone where you may lose yourself for a while.

Teresa Wicksteed
Teresa Wicksteed

Teresa gives creative expression to the transcendent light she was aware of during a Near Death Experience. Inner vision from daily meditation reminds her of this Light. In paint, she re-captures her experience of the every-day moments out of time that we are all aware of.

As a Sound Healing therapist, Teresa uses her voice and other instruments to deeply relax the client, allowing holistic healing to take place.


 “Teresa has a gift of healing. I have a session at the end of a working week. I can never get over the difference in how I feel before and after.  I feel a calming, warm and positive energy flow through my body….like a warm hug, and am left feeling totally relaxed and peaceful.”

Many of Teresa’s artworks have found homes in therapeutic locations: buyers range from a consultant psychiatrist to osteopathy, yoga and acupuncture practices, hospices, and Dame Stephanie Shirley`s school for autistic young adults.

” A masterful, striking yet subtle colour mix that blends together and draws your eye, heart and soul deep into

the depth of the painting. The eye searches excitedly for different images hidden within the painting, each

one portraying a different story, giving the painting a wonderful air of mystique.”
Helen Suffell, Company Director

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